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Ceramic Tile & Natural Stone

Ceramic tile or natural stone is a great way to add class and elegance to your home or office. But tile can be one of the most difficult flooring choices to make because there are plenty of important differences that require careful consideration. To a greater degree than any other type of flooring, issues such as the size and type of tile, your subfloor, and the installers’ experience will affect the outcome of your installation. Our experienced team can help select products and carry out your installation for beautiful results.

Tile Is Luxurious, Durable, and Elegant.

We have hundreds of styles to choose from including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone from many of the industry’s top brands. We can help compare from small and large format tiles, wall tiles, and intricate detail products such as glass and metal inlays. We’ll explain the pros and cons of porcelain, glass, metal, granite, marble, and slate, and provide you with an accurate estimate to do the project properly.

We service residential and commercial clients throughout Kelowna.

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